Highlights :

We feel that security has become the most significant factor for picking any gas water heater. Siddhi Vinayak Solar instantaneous gas water heaters come with a double solenoid valve that ensures double security. It also comes in varying capacities of 5 LPM and 6 LPM, suitable for domestic use. Its constant feedback ensures a constant supply of hot water if the water pressure varies and its own auto-timer automatically switches off the water heater after every 20 minutes of continuous operations.

  • Petrol: Uses LPG Gas to Immediately heat water, cost-effective
  • 6 L: Greater the Capacity, more the Consumers can be served for bath/wash
  • 8 bar: Stress rating >6 Pub is Acceptable for High Rise buildings
  • Vertical: Acceptable for large wall spaces

Features :

  • Auto Protection: Auto-protection against gas flow — built-in safety against the gasoline flow.
  • Digital Screen: Digital display — sleek, a hi-tech panel for temperature reading* *Available select models.
  • Double Security: Advanced safety feature with two solenoid valves
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Child Lock: Added feature for protecting kids against injuries.
  • High Heating Efficiency: 85% heating efficiency — higher market through maximum heating efficiency.
  • Low Starting Pressure: suitable for low pressure — useful for regions having low water pressure.
  • Winter/ Summer Role: Winter/Summer operate — adjustable as per weather conditions.