We Offer two major business models for On-Grid Solar Power Solutions

On-Grid capex Model:

The Solar plant is set up & maintained by an investor in which the end-user purchase the electricity at cheaper rates than grid power, under a Power Purchase Arrangement.

On-Grid OPEX Model:

The Solar Plant is an asset of the end-user and can be setup using own funding or lender fund. The end-use appreciated chapter power & other social financial benefits.

Off – Grid Solar Solutions :

Off-Grid Solar Solutions are available for places where grid-connected electricity supply is either not available or potential and it will help to reduce diesel generator cost.

Features of Solar Roof Top System

  • According to the MNRE & GEDA Nomes.
  • Long-life zero Maintenance, Long durability.
  • No Electricity rates increase tension.
  • Excess power export to grid, therefore no company demand, no additional space requirement.
  • Weatherproof panels operating in all weather conditions.
  • All essential protection.
  • Fixed in smallish locations and quite good if there are planning for terrace garden or small roof on swings.
  • No underground cabling requirement therefore economic in installation.
    100 percent ECO-friendly, no toxic gas/fumes or operating cost.
  • Plant cost is equal to one smartphone cost

Terms & Condition

  • All statutory fees such as GEDA registration, GEB connectivity costs, internet meter purchase, and testing, etc. will be in customer’s scope and will likely be applicable in real.
  • Above prices are for the
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  • Delayed installment because of government clearance won’t be the obligation of the service provider.
  • Will be guaranteeing and expand our best support to our precious customers.
  • Require files: Last month’s power bill, Aadhar Card, 2 Passport Size Photographs & House Tax Receipt of Present year.